Steve Sofronas

I'm Steve. I've worn a few hats over the years: Design, Branding, advertising and interactive, But UX is where I have finally been able to let my multiple disciplines converge. I'm curious, I love solving problems, and delivering a branded experience across media.
Listen. Think. Design.

The work is supposed to speak for itself, but if you're wondering - I was raised in Texas, worked in Japan and traveled widely in Eastern and Western Europe. Whether drinking in the contemporary art in Köln, backpacking across Hokkaido's National Park, or enjoying wine and tapas in Barcelona, I love an adventure and a story to go with it. Exploring keeps a healthy perspective as a consumer and as a citizen in this world. It teaches and inspires a different way of thinking whether directing, mentoring, or working in a team. The payoff is to make the new exciting but also familiar and approachable, so you can capture early adopters and the majority.


FNX Studios FNX Studios wanted to highlight their quirky nature and sharp wit as a testament to who they are. This was in part to be true to their cultural identity, but also to create differentiation in the marketplace. They also chose to infuse the concepts of elegance and simplicity into their brand, which are two cornerstones of their consulting and software development philosophies.

VTech Tech's primary objectives, to reinvent themselves and raise the levels of awareness far beyond those of a "budget" brand. Role: Art Direction, Print, Tradeshow

Felt A drinking and dining establishment located in the heart of West Hollywood catering to the gay and lesbian community. Role: Art Direction, Branding, Logo Development, Advertising

NAMCO Soul Calibur IV brought the franchise to the next level through packaging, website and tying in the secret guest characters specific to each platform: Darth Vader on PS3, and Yoda on the Xbox 360. Role: Strategy, UX, Site Design, Packaging

Nexon Attract the absolute hardest demographic to reach, period. This was the mandate with the ad campaign for Maple Story, which appeals to the rebellious side in tween and teen males. Print and online, while subversive, were wildly successful, with loads of eyeballs and great click-through numbers garnered over long periods of time. Role: Art Direction, Print, Online Ads Watch Animation

Les Deux In the late '90s a sketchy parking lot was the gateway to the city's coolest fine dining resto. When it became a nightclub, your were shocked that the once low-key french oasis resembled a drag queen's haunted house. Prepare to be amazed again. Role: Logo development, Branding, Web Site

ATARI The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on the Dark Athena is a sequel in the futuristic, sci-fi world of the Riddick and a cast off stepchild in the Activision/Blizzard merger. Given a month till launch the site was completed in 2 weeks and won a Site of the Day from the FWA. Role: Strategy, UX, Site Design

ConductAbility Fighting the status quo. Getting children with cerebral palsy to walk. A Conductive Education program integrated into a public school. Role: Logo, Branding, Site Development, Shirts, Buttons, Business System

Fossil Image & Private Label Evolved the brand through product design, packaging, and advertising in both time pieces & initial eyewear launch. Developed fashion watches and custom packaging for the likes of Harley-Davidson, Warner Bros., Sesame Street & Disney Theme parks.

Al Frank Cohesive branding realized. When Al Frank asked us to design and build their marketing materials, we stayed true to the forward thinking company. Role: Logo, Brochures, Powerpoint templates

Orb Networks New technology for the masses. Orb Networks features their products and services for media streaming. Services Rendered: Website Design, Development, Ecommerce, Custom CMS, Branding, Packaging, Online Marketing, Email Marketing.

Irvine Ranch Water District Irvine Ranch Water District is a municipality that is setting the bar, and the site won a "Best in Industry" New Media Institute Award too. Role: Design, Strategy, and Branding for Blog, Site, PR System & App

Microsoft Viva Piñata branding and packaging for this triple-A property. Role: Art Direction, Logo development, Branding, Packaging

Disney Disney's thrill-filled joyride has always been about getting the most air. With a title called "Pure" less is more. Role: Art Direction, Packaging, Branding, Logo Development